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AC Brushless Alternator Standard

1.       Primary Standard: IEC 60034;

2.     Power Range: 8-1250KVA;

3.       Frequency And Rotational Speed: 50/60HZ and 1500/1800rpm;

4.       Rated  Voltage: 110-690V (Special Requirements On Customer Request);

5.       Insulation Class: H/ Temperature Rise H; (Can meet temperature class F working and Stand-By working power;

6.       Winding:

2/3 pitch windings design can eliminate the triple frequency  harmonics  on the voltage waveform which is the optimum design for trouble-free supply of non-linear loads. Connected with the network in parallelthe structure can restrain excessive currents in the midline. A fully damp winding reduces oscillations during paralleling. This windingwith 2/3pitch and carefully  selected pole and tooth designsensures very  low waveform distortion.

7.       Immersion:

       AII wound components are made up with specialized material and immersed in vacuum varnish by especially technology. High Quality polyimide Resin matrix material is developed to strengthen the process and machinery intensity of windings and revolving parts for the alternator working under harsh environment.

8.       Excitation system :

The main stator supplies power to exciter stator via Automatic  Voltage Regulator (AVR) .

The output  of exciter rotor is fed to the main rotor through  a three phase full wave rectifier.

There are varistors at the both ends  of  the  rectifier  for  restraining  surge voltage  and  avoiding  the  impact  caused by  short  circuit  or  parallel synchronization  loss.

Exciter stator  is equipped  with permanent  magnetic  steel in order  to  start  up the  alternator smoothly in any occasion.

9.       Unbalanced load:

The alternators permit an unbalanced load of 25% rated current. The deviation of line voltage is less than 5%.Dynamic voltage characteristics.

    The transient dip  in voltage  when rated load is placed on the alternators at 0.8 power  factor is 20%Un. The recovery time is between 0.2 and 1.0 second

10.   Overload:

Short time load rating of up to 150% of the rated current in 2 minutes. The alternators can carry a load of 110% for one hour in six.

11.   Phone Interference:

THF (defined by B54999 Part 40) is less than 2%.F (defined by ASA C50.12) is less than 50.

12.   Radio Interference:

Brushless apparatus and high quality AVR ensure little radio interference in transmission. Additional RFI suppression may be supplier if required. 

13.   Poles: 4 Poles

14.  Frame: 160,180,225,270,315,355,400.

15.   Installation:

IM2105 (IMB34): Single Support: SAE Flanges, Coupling Disc, Foot Mounting.

IM2101 (IMB34) : Double Support: SAE Flanges, A cylindrical shaft, Foot Mounting.

16.   Bearings: Rolling Bearings

17.   Cooling Method/Protection Class:

IC0A1/IP23 (opening Air cooled motor). Main Terminal Box: IP44.

18.   Direction Of Rotation: Clockwise

19.   Over speed: Max Speed is 2255RPM (125%*1800RPM).

20.   Painting: RAL7030 ( Oe on Customer Request).

Additional Feature:

21.   Anti-Condensation Heater.

22.   PTC thermistors (used on 400)

23.   Current transformer when parallel operation



















LD   Alternator Type                        

Frame Number:                                           

Pole Number: 4 Poles:                                               

Core Length:                                                             

Bearing Number: 1 is Single Bearing, 2 is Double Bearing:                                

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