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>>Hydra Shoe Dryer

Model: SD101
Mounting: Wall mounted
Power: 220W
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50HZ
N.G.: 1.3KG
G.W.: 1.6KG

  1. Heating Power: 220W Suitable for all types of footwear and materials
  2. Warm targeted drying ¨C no shrinkage or damage to materials
  3. IPX4 splash proof design ¨Csuitable for utility, kitchen & boot rooms
  4. 4 rubber nozzle ¨C dries & warms 2 pairs of boots & shoes at the same time
  5. Soft nozzles fit & flex to all types of footwear
  6. Retractable hoses for tidy compact storage
Retractable hoses for tidy compact storage
Built in countdown timer ¨C simply set and leave to dry
Introduction Manual & Moungting Size