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Before using the unit, fix it on the wall as below Fig 1-4. Make sure the indicator of the timer knob is on the ˇ°OFFˇ± position and plug in the unit. Take the vent pipes into your shoes and then turn the timer

2.Security System

The Unit has a security system, which automatically switches off if overheating occurs. Please unplug the appliance and let it cool down for at least 10 minutes and then plug the unit back in.


Before you clean the unit, turn the timer knob to the ˇ°OFFˇ± position and then unplug the unit. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside surface. Do not use detergents abrasive cleaning liquids o the chemical agents (alcohol gasoline etc.) to clean the unit

4.Safety Instruction

Please read the manual carefully before using the unit.
Precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, burns and other injury. The device is intended exclusively for private and not for commercial use.
Make sure the household voltage corresponds to the rated voltage of unit
Check the power cord and plug carefully and make sure that they car not damaged before using the unit.
In order to avoid overheating, do not cover the unit.



The unit has a 12-month warranty period if not otherwise stipulated in the country of purchase. The warranty period starts on the day the new unit is purchased. The warranty on the batteries is limited to 6 month after purchase. Consumables or defects causing a negligible effect on the operation of value of the equipment are not covered. The warranty must be proven by presentation of the original purchase receipt, On which the date of purchase and unit model are indicated.

7. Warranty Handling

A fault unit needs to be returned to the supplier service center accompanied by a valid purchase note. If the unit develops a fault during the warranty period, the supplier of its officially appointed service center will repair any defect caused by material of manufacturing faults free of charge.
The supplier will at its discretion fulfill its warranty obligations by either repairing or replacing the fault units or parts of the fault units. In case of replacement, the color and model can be different from that of the original purchased unit.
The initial purchase date shall determine the start of the warranty period. The warranty period is not extended if the unit is replaced or repaired by the service center.

8. Disclamation Of Warranty

Damage of defects caused by incorrect treatment of operation and damage resulting from the use of non-original parts or accessories not recommended by the supplier are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by outside factors, such as lighting, water and fire, nor any damage caused during transportation. No warranty can be claimed if the serial number on the units has been changed. Removed or rendered illegible. Any warranty claims will be invalid if the unit has been repaired, altered or modified by the buyer or by unqualified, non-officially appointed service center.

Important Notice

Importance Notice: - This unit is fitted with a re-settable thermal safety cut-out for the protection of your room. If for any reason the unit overheats the safety cut-out will cut the power to the unit. Should this happen, please unplug the unit and ensure that there is nothing covering the air intact via the clean cover over the intake vent, make sure nothing is jamming the fan and most important DO NOT COVEZR this appliance at any time, once the unit has cooled down (Approx. 3 minutes) plug in again and re-try.

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