Electric Motor Spare Parts
>> CBB65 Type Explosion-Proof  Motor Capacitor

Product feature & adaptable range£ļ

New patented safe film explosion protection technology, perfectly safe and long work life. It is more adaptable to the occasions with high safe performance requirements in addition to household electric appliances.

Main technical parameter£ļ

1.electric capacity:               °ņ5%
2.rated voltage£ļ                 250VAC°ę550VAC
3.rated frequency£ļ            50/60Hz single phase
4.voltage test£ļ                  Electrode to electrode 1.75Un£¨2s £Ľ electrode to shell 2000 VAC£¨2s
5.wasting angle tangent£ļ °‹0.2%
6.insulation resistance£ļ       terminal to terminal°›3000M¶ł.¶ŐF terminal to shell°›2000M¶ł

Size And Capacitor

Outer Size D*H    (mm)
Rated Voltage 250V 300V 400V 450V 500V 550V
Capacitor  (¶ŐF) 3 - - ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60
3.5 - - ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60
4 - ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60
4.5 - ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70
5 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70
6 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80
7 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x80
8 ¶’40x50 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85
10 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85
12 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x95
14 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x95
16 ¶’40x60 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x105
18 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’45x80 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105
20 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x80 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x95 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105
22 ¶’40x70 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135
25 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x85 ¶’45x85 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135
30 ¶’40x80 ¶’40x95 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135 ¶’50x145
35 ¶’40x95 ¶’40x95 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135 ¶’50x145 -
40 ¶’40x95 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135 - -
45 ¶’40x105 ¶’45x105 ¶’50x135 ¶’50x145 - -
50 ¶’45x110 ¶’45x135 ¶’50x135 - - -
55 ¶’45x110 ¶’45x135 ¶’50x145 - - -
60 ¶’45x110 ¶’50x135 ¶’50x145 - - -
65 ¶’50x105 ¶’50x135 - - - -