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      J1 Series Soft Starter Is Used For Improving Motor Starting. It Overcomes Problems of Auto voltage reducing starter, Such as big Impulse current, Start difficulty, Heating, big Switch current. It is a ideal replacement of squirrel motor starter


  • Auto Digital Control¡£

  • 4 Starting methods: 1¡¢Current-Limited Starting; 2¡¢Voltage-Control Starting; 3¡¢Torque-Control Starting;4¡¢Torque plus Kick Control;

  • Starting Torque, Current, Voltage, Time etc. can be adjusted on optimum current impulse & torque control according different loads;

  • Starting Current can be adjusted according to load, reducing starting loss to reach optimum torque;

  • Gradual stopping can extend the service life of relay contact for meeting different mechanical application;

  • Protection of over-current, overload and default phase can safe equipment and electric motors;

  • Convenient outlet with multi-functions:  digital delay starting torque, gradual stopping input control, starting relay output, failure relay output;

  • Auto recognition & protection function of phase sequence;

  • Full digital set and output control function, it is convenient for users;

  • With standard RS232C inlet;

  • Two power supply separated to insure control part free of strong current interference.

Main Technical Specification

Type Power (KW)        Rated Current (A) Weight   (Kg)
J1005S-J1037S 5.5-37 10-69 11
J1045S-J1075S 45-75 85-149 17
J1090S-J1115S 90-115 165-205 130
J1132S-J1320S 132-165 240-300 130
J1200S-J1320S 200-320 360-580 150
J1400S-J1500S 400-500 600-900 200

QJR/Z-400/1140 Explosion-Proof Softer Starter
Function and Advantage£º
  1. Starting current can be set freely to reduce impulse to power supply;
  2. Starting time can be controlled freely: 0-80S adjustable;
  3. Belt acceleration even: 0.1-0.3 m/s adjustable, no mechanical shock;
  4. Self- diagnosis & protection function on Short current, over-voltage, over current, default phase;
  5. Long distance communication functions to make multi-machine working together and same power;
  6. Working current, torque of motor showed in real time, user can  know system working condition at a glance;
  7. All working diameter can be set on the spot (remote control, don't need to open explosion shield); very convenient.
QJR/Z Explosion-Proof Softer Starter Technical Specifications£º
  1. Rated voltage: 380V¡¢660V¡¢1140V.
  2. Rated current: 400A
  3. Max. current/rated current:  Not exceeding 6 times adjustable
  4. Starting time: adjustable (Max. 60S)
  5. Belt starting acceleration:  0.1m/s2¡Üa¡Ü0.3m/s2
  6. Explosion proof type:  Explosion poof and increased safety;
  7. Duty:  Softer start intermittent / Magnetic start continues 
  8. Cooling method:  natural cooling
  9. Outline: 80mmX560mmX930mm
  10. Weight: 390kg