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>>>  DCJ Series Cable Blow-Drying Machine

Introduction: Cable blow-drying machine is widely used in wire and cable industry. it uses vortex pump to make the static air inside pump rotate with high speed and rubber to produce the compressed air flow higher than ambient temperature, and high speed airflow forcing blowing dry is carried out to the moisture on cable surface through the annular blow-off nozzle, so as to improve cable surface quality and make the meter printing of cable surface clearer and firmer.
Principle:     The equipment structure is simple with small size, easy to control;
    Low noise and high airflow velocity;
    Air circumference is evenly distributed, improve the cable surface quality and printing quality.
Model Applicable Dia. Vortex Pump Power Max. Airflow Max. Pressure Voltage
mm kW m3/h kPa v
DCJ-30 8~30 1.1 100 14 3~380
DCJ-65 30~65 1.5 180 26 3~380
DCJ-100 65~100 2.2 230 28 3~380