Plastic Machine
>>>  RCY-1600 Type Melting Oil Storage Tank

Introduction:    The machine is the support equipment of YTC-3600. mainly take charge of the lifting, dumping, preliminary melting, melting, oil storage and heat preservation and other working procedures of barrel-packed petroleum jelly. melting and preserving heat of barrel-packed and continuously providing to host to ensure the continuous operation of host. its maximum oil storage amount is 2.4 m3, which can ensure the continuous production of large couple of cables of cable manufacturers.


Lifting  Weight 250 KG
Melting Tank Capacitor 800 L
Oil Storage Tank Capacitor 1600 L
Working Temperature 120
Weight 1600 KG
Lifting Clamp Heating Power 12kW
Melting Power 18kW
Oil Storage Tank Heating Power 24kW
Total Power 60kW
Dimensions 2600*2650*2100mm