Plastic Machine

Introduction:        The machine is passive traction type dual-disc aluminum foil strap release bracket, mainly used for the use of engraving machine and longitudinal covering machine of cables, having the characteristics of simple operation and fast strap change. it uses the tractate force of follow-up equipment. to drag the release strap disc to rotate and release the strap, and control the system by using the tension of magnetic powder brake. make adjustment to the real-time tension when releasing strap by materials to maintain the constant tension.
Model SP Bracket
Dimension 2250mm*1562mm*1142mm
Diameter Of Pay-Off Spool 950mm
Inner Diameter Scope Of Strap Release Disc 60mm-80mm
Strap Release Disc Distance 1050mm
Front And Rear Adjustment Distance Of Riding Wheel 0-300mm
Rated Torque Of Magnetic Powder Brake 100 N.M
Allowable Slip Frequency Power Of Magnetic Powder Brake 7000W