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>>>  XGJ Series Cable Absorption Drier

Introduction:       XBJ type cable absorption drier is designed and made on foreign model machine, widely used on wire and cable industries, especially applicable to small wire diameter and high line speed. it makes use of high negative pressure produced by vortex pump to absorb the moisture on cable surface, which can improve cable surface quality to make the meter printing on cable surface clearer and firmer , the absorption moisture is separated through gas-water separator without affecting environment.
Principle:     The equipment structure is simple with small size, beautiful appearance and easy operation;
    Low noise and high negative pressure;
    The Absorption effect of small wire diameter and high line speed is superior to the common blow-drying machine.
Model Applicable Wire Or Cable Dia. Vortex Pump Power Max. Airflow Max. Negative Pressure
mm kW m3/h kPa
XGJ Ø1  ~ Ø12 2.2 160 16.5