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>>>  YTC3600 Petroleum Jelly Pressure Filling Machine

Introduction:       The machine is the special equipment designed and manufactured by our factory for large couple of cable filling petroleum jelly, based on foreign model machine and combining the actual demand of domestic oil jelly cable manufacturer. the machine can achieve primary pressure filling to communication cables less than 3600 couples. which not only improves production efficiency, but also significantly improves production environment. and is the ideal equipment for producing oil jelly cable by manufacturers. It is applicable to drum twist laying up production line.


Height Of Center 1000±10mm
Numbers Of Couples Of Filling 3600
Max. Line Velocity 30m/min
Charging Cable Dia. Ø80mm
Weight 1500 KG
Dimension 3600*1600*1900mm
Working Pressure 0.8 MPa
Total Power 38kW
Working Temperature 120
Oil Tank Capacitor 120 L