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>>>  ZBJ Series Longitudinal Covering Machine

Introduction:         It is designed and manufactured based on the absorption foreign model machine, it is divided ZBJ-2000 and ZBJ-3200, composite aluminum foil longitudinal lapping from 5 couples to 2400 couples can be carried onto communication cables, therefore keep the smoothness and roundness of cables after longitudinal lapping to ensure the quality.
Advantage:     Having the characteristics of the currently largest domestic longitudinal work scope;
●    The cable after longitudinal lapping is round and smooth without rumple to ensure the quality of cable products;
●    Simple operation, the working platform can be up down within 200mm, it is convenient to regulate and replace the guide wheel, longitudinal mold and press mold. it is also easy to purchase and replace parts and components;
●    Newly longitudinal mold design can make composite aluminum strip covered the outer layer of the cable smoothly and roundly;
●    The front and rear adjustment of the shaping mold ensure the smoothness, roundness, and non-rumple better after longitudinal shaping;
●    The angle and distance of longitudinal mold clamp can be adjusted to make longitudinal mold  corner and press mold stabilize in the same center;
●    Heating power and air flow is step-less adjustment.
Model longitudinal lapping scope heating power fan power Power  aluminum foil thickness  noise  size of covering table dimension
mm kW kW mm dB(A) mm mm
ZBJ-2000 Ø5 - Ø50 6 1.1 3 ~ 380V/50Hz 0.1-0.5 85 1000*300 2000*670*1450
ZBJ-3200 Ø5 - Ø80 6 1.1 3 ~ 380V/50Hz 0.1-0.5 85 1800*300 3200*670*1450