Plastic Machine
>>> BL Series Horizontal Mix Asphalt Machine


Application:         It is mainly used for the stirring, mixing and dying of two or more raw materials, it runs at 60 rpm so that the raw material will be rubbed mutually to produce particulate pigment which is easy to attach and infiltrate raw materials to achieve the best mixing and coloring effects, the barrel covers of this machine use stainless steel, which doesn't rust and it is easy to clean, after time is set, the mixing time for each batch of materials can be effectively controlled, the twist angle of the machine blade was designed reasonably, the structure of this machine is simple , design is optimized and reasonable with complete functions.
Advantage:  This machine is mainly applicable to the feeding of plastic powder and particles, which has the advantages of simplifying work, saving manpower, improving labor conditions, simple operation, civilization and safety etc. 
Model Mixing Capacitor Motor Power Mixing Speed Capacitor Max. Dimension Weight
kg/order kw rpm L mm kg
BL-200 200 3 23 450 2200*950*1500 980
BL-500H 500 11 23 1100 2500*1100*1750 1890
BL-1000 1000 22 60 2200 2950*1450*2400 2680