Plastic Machine
>>> XSQ Series Suction Feeder

Application: Transmitting granular plastic raw materials from the material storage tank  to any kind of hopper of plastic processing machinery automatically, during the transmission process the raw materials are  completely free of dampness and contamination without bringing any foreign objects. it can replaces artificial feeding completely to make sure production process fully closed automation, which is safe and reliable.
Principle XSQ type suction feeder adopts XGB vortex air pump for air exhaust to make the suction inlet and the whole system stay in a certain vacuum state; raw materials along with the outside air are sucked in suction nozzle to form material airflow, and reach the hopper through suction tube, and then material and gas separation is carried out in the hopper.
Model Operational throughout Power Voltage Inner Dia.Of material suction tube Inner Dia. Of air suction tube Noise Hopper Volume Hopper Size Control Cabinet Size Weight
kg/h kw v mm mm dB(A) L mm mm kg
XSQ-10 240 1.1 380 Ø40 Ø50 74 10 Ø280*510 600*400*750 50
XSQ-15 450 1.5 380 Ø40 Ø50 80 15 Ø280*560 600*400*750 58
XSQ-20 600 2.2 380 Ø40 Ø50 82 20 Ø280*660 700*450*820 77
XSQ-30 1000 3.0 380 Ø40 Ø50 84 30 Ø280*760 700*450*820 90
Remark: Conveying conditions of the above parameters: the height is three meters and the total distance is four meters. 2*3 mm cylindrical nylon or ABS granules