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>>>  YYJ-1 Meter Printer

Introduction:         YYJ-1 series meter printer is a passive hot-press printer with accurate meter and reliable performance,  The script printed on the external diameter of cable using the method of hot-press printing to press the coating on the ribbon onto the outer diameter of cable, the meter can print the factory name ,trademark, model, etc which is better than the ink printing method, and it is updated production of ink printing type meter printer.
Advantage:    Accurate meter: the speed ration of meter wheel and printing wheel is 1:1, which can ensure meter accuracy is within 3%
    Hot-press printing ribbon printing, clear script, good adhesion, not apt to erase and superior to the ink printing method
    Meter figures of printing alphabet blocks adopt electric heating and temperature control regulation system is equipped for convenient adjustment, high precision of temperature control and stable printing quality.
  Easy operation and use, It can replace ink printer.
Model Power Applicable Cable Diameter Meter Accuracy Heating Power Temperature Control Accuracy Vortex Pump Power Noise Dimension
mm kW kW (Sound Pressure Level) mm
YYJ-1 380V/50Hz Ø8-Ø100 3% 0.4 5 1.1 85 dB(A) 900*540*1550