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>>>  YYJ-1A Meter Printer

Introduction:         YYJ-1A series meter printer is made based on the original meter printer owned by our factory, mainly applicable to the tubes, and pipes. it adopts the method of hot-press printing to stamp the coating on the ribbon in the pipe outer diameter, superior to ink printing method, with accurate meter, clear script, reliable performance and easy operation, is the ideal meter printing equipment.
Advantage:     High meter accuracy
    Clear script and good adhesion
    Easy operation and usage
    The adjustment of upper lifting board is controlled by using reducer motor, when the height is adjusted, it only needs to press the button on the control box
    Ladder is equipped for the whole machine to facilitate operation and change of ribbon Easy operation and usage
Model Power Applicable Pipe Diameter Meter Accuracy Heating Power Temperature Control Accuracy Dimension
(V) mm kW mm
YYJ-1A 220V/50Hz 630-1200 3% 0.7 5 2000*760*2920