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>>>  YYJ-1S Double-Sided Meter Printer

Introduction:         YYJ-1S series double-sided meter printer is made based on the printing principle of original hot-press printing type of meter printer. it uses upper and lower printing wheels to achieve the synchronous meter printing on wire and cable and plastic surfaces. After printed, printings will bring great convenience to the future construction operation. and also make themselves improve to a higher level, This product has obtained two national utility mode patents with patent application respectively of  No. 99 2 40156.9 and No. 99 2 40157.7 this product will replace the existing single-sided meter printer and becomes the essential equipment in wire and cable and plastic pipe industry.
Advantage:     High meter accuracy, using DC speed regulating motor for driving, can be kept pace with tractor to eliminate sliding, ensure the meter accuracy is within 3%
    Hot-press printing ribbon printing, clear script, good adhesion, not apt to erase, and superior to ink printing mode
    Lifting adopts guide pillar and guide bushing to position with high accuracy. to ensure the script in the upper and lower surface is clear and complete
    Using electric lifting, the operation is easy and labor saving
    Limit switch of up and down to ensure the operation is safe and reliable
Model Drive Motor Driving Gear Box Ration Lifting Motor Lifting Gear Box Ration Heating Power Of  Upper Wheel Heating Power Of  Lower Wheel Applicable Diameter Meter Accuracy Temperature Control Accuracy Noise Dimension
kW kW mm (Sound Pressure Level) mm
YYJ-1S 220V, 0.5KW 1: 60 380V, 0.25KW 1: 50 0.6 0.4 Ø20- Ø90 0.3% 5 85 dB(A) 1160*760*1450