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>>>  YYJ-2A Ink Shifting Printer

Introduction:         YYJ-2A ink shifting printer is a traction type ink printer, mainly used for the surface printing of rubber, plastic tubes and belts products, especially for the printing of marks of products of plastic tubes in building materials industry.
      It provides ideal standard printing equipment for the implementation of regulations related to marks identifications of product standards in building materials industry.
Principle:       This machine is installed between cooling water tank installed on the production line and the traction device, making use of tractate force of traction device, the friction torque produced passing through rubber driving wheel, riding wheel matching cable and pipe clamp to drive the standard printing wheel and rubber shifting printing wheel to rotate, ink scraper scratches all the ink on the circumference surface of rotating printing wheel to make the words pit inked only. and standard words samples will be transferred to rubber shifting printing by type wheel, then it is transferred and printed on the surfaces of cables and plastic tubes. use of  friction between extruded materials and printing wheels, with the rotation of printing wheel makes the printing ink content printed onto the surface of printed object.
Working Height of Machine 850mm-1150mm
Diameter Of Applicable Printing Wheel Ø8mm - Ø250mm
Printing Wheel Ø80*Ø12.7*20
Rubber Wheel Ø172*Ø20*20
Vertex Pump Power 0.37kW/380V
Dimensions (mm) 560*480*1300
Weight  (kgs) 150