Plastic Machine
>>> ZJF Series Spring Feeding Machine

Application:         ZJF series spring feeding machine adopts the principle of screw conveying and uses steel wire spring rotation to convey the plastic powder from material storage tank to the plastic molding machine hopper until filled, then material level machine sends out full material signal, and then charge stopped, after the material level drops to a certain location, material level machine sends out signal and charge is continuous. in such repeat, charging automation is achieved.
Advantage:  This machine is mainly applicable to the feeding of plastic powder and particles, which has the advantages of simplifying work, saving manpower, improving labor conditions, simple operation, civilization and safety etc. 
Model Rated Feeding Volume Max. Feeding Volume Motor Power  Rated Speed Dia. Of Transmission Spring Length of feeding tube Hopper Volume Storage Tank Volume
kg/h kg/h kW rpm mm m L L
ZJF300 300 450 1.1 910 Ø36*Ø6 3 150 200
ZJF450 450 600 1.5 910 Ø36*Ø6 4 200 300
ZJF700 700 850 2.2 910 Ø58*Ø8 6.5 200 300
Remark: ●  Power: 380V, 50HZ
●  The feeding machine is applicable to powder particle ≤200 mesh, apparent gravity≤1g/cm³
    Special feeding tube length is on customer request.